iPad (2018) Review: The best budget tablet

iPad 2018 is currently the cheapest tablet sold by Apple. This model is an excellent option for students because of Apple Pencil support. It performs well in easy tasks such as browsing the web, checking e-mails and watching Netflix. Let's dive deeper into the pros and cons of this product.

It is an Apple product, so everything works well with their other products. Using hand-off to continue the work on your computer has never been so easy. AirDropping, sync via iCloud, connecting AirPods or Beats headphones work wonders. Multi-tasking is a fantastic feature that I use pretty much daily, especially in the classroom. I find being able to look up something quickly on the Internet, while still keeping the notebook open and ready for writing extremely useful. The ability to move around the UI using gestures have made a big difference in the whole experience, as well.

The tablet does support the first-gen Apple pencil, but it does not support the Smart Keyboard. You can still connect a Bluetooth keyboard for faster typing, but that is hardly as convenient. If you want to use Apple's keyboard, you have to go for the slightly more expensive iPad Air (2019).

To keep the price low, this model uses some obsolete technology. It uses the old mechanical TouchID, and the sensor is noticeably slow, in my opinion. Unfortunately, stereo speakers are not present; therefore, I often find myself using headphones to improve the sound quality. I think this is what the product designers had in mind since they decided to include the headphone jack. The screen is of high quality, though it is not laminated, so the Apple Pencil experience is according to some not that good, but, frankly, I could not tell the difference.

All in all, this is the best budget tablet. It ticks all the crucial boxes and has no major drawbacks. Since I have started using this device, it has been my go-to for both work and entertainment. If you are not planning to use your iPad for performance-heavy tasks, this is the right one for you.