Distant Travels

I was watching the sun go down when out of the blue a flying pirate-like ship appeared. I thought I was in a dream, but soon I realised that was not the case. Even though I had chills going down my spine, my curiosity kept me sitting on the cliff. I was quiet and still; I could hear my own heartbeat.

I was convinced the ship would pass by without the crew noticing me. Suddenly one of the pirates started shouting at me. At once, I tried to run away. Unfortunately, my foot slipped, and I fell into the water.

From this point on, my memory is a bit blurry. I recall waking up, surrounded by strangers. I was on the ship going God knows where… Shortly afterwards, I was questioned by the captain at length. Not until I had looked out the window, did it dawn on me that I was in much trouble. I was probably on a different planet; I could have been even in an entirely different world.

The others were not talkative. Most of them had long beards, many scars and long curved swords. I asked where we were going; expecting an answer was too optimistic. I started to realise I was trapped.

We arrived in a small village, which was inhabited by peculiar people, who were likely not even human. I was kicked out of the boat and left stranded. There was no sun upon the sky so I could not tell what time it was. Nonetheless, I knew I needed a place to sleep; thus, I started looking for it. Despite the fact that I was not able to understand a single word the receptionist said, I got keys to my room.

As soon as I got into my room, I went to sleep. During the night, I was woken up three times, because of a noise that was coming from upstairs. The third time I went to talk to them since I was exhausted and need to get some rest. When I was going up the stairs, somebody knocked me out from behind, but soon I felt the warmth of my blankets.